Helping life science companies maximize product asset values

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Partners in Success

Red Team’s proven commercial development solutions enable life sciences firms to understand the market, recognize opportunities and make informed decisions to build sustainable value with their assets.

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Recognizing Value

Our sole focus is on recognizing and creating value to support the development, launch and marketing of new assets in ways that are both credible and actionable for our life sciences partners.

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Communicating Value

360° Forecasting is a market-driven approach to driving accurate forecast recommendations that stand up to scrutiny from leadership, investors and licensors.

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Rich Experience and Deep Insights

Red Team's "secret sauce" is our experience. We have 60+ years combined asset-level industry knowledge and a record of helping over 100 firms across more than 50 therapeutic categories.

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About Red Team

Red Team Associates is an asset-focused life sciences consulting firm that assists life science firms in improving their valuation by advising on strategic issues related to product commercialization. Our clients include medical device, pharmaceutical and vaccine companies in the US and internationally.

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Our Experience

Our leadership team has advanced value-generating strategies for more than 100 programs, spanning a range of diseases.