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From Boomer to Zoomer

Because of COVID-19, I’ve been using Zoom as a platform for conducting most of my meetings. I’m not flying as much to meet with clients and partners and am actually able to feel like I’m having a face-to-face conversation with the person I’m speaking with. It’s also great for team meetings, especially as my team is located coast to coast.

Erin, who works very closely with me, set up a very professional background which includes the RTA logo. So that’s really cool. And I love the fact that, while I can’t fully read the body language of the person I’m speaking with, I can tell if they start doing e-mail or eating in the midst of the conversation, I need to speed up the pace of the meeting. It’s my new barometer. Those are Zoom’s positives.

The bad news is I continue to struggle with getting the camera on the right monitor. So, I’ve taken a few meetings where someone has had to look at my profile for the entire meeting. To compensate, I usually get started a few minutes early so I don’t lose time screwing around with getting the technology right. But the worst is I now spend a lot of time looking at myself and I am no Brad Pitt.

Maybe I’ll have Erin install Avatarity and transform me into a good-looking avatar…



Harris Kaplan is Managing Partner of Red Team Associates, a boutique life sciences consultancy, and CEO of Healogix, a life sciences marketing research company. His resume includes work on the introduction of more than 100 new products including drug, biotech, device, and diagnostics. He is a commercial strategist who frequently presents and authors pieces on how the shift from a provider to a payer and patient centric world impacts new product innovation. Harris’ understanding of these seismic shifts in the life sciences landscape has made him a leader in the space and much sought after by clients ranging from startups to large multinationals. Harris excels at helping companies develop their commercial and go-to-market plans in support of new products. He has also been an advisor to multiple venture capital and private equity groups relative to assist their portfolio companies.

Harris’ articles have appeared in In Vivo, Medical Marketing and Media, and Product Management. He has presented at Intellus Worldwide Institute, Windhover’s Therapeutic Area Partnerships, IN3 Device Conference, World Orphan Disease Conference, Life Science Alley, the Biotech Conference at UC Berkley, Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference, and the Drug Information Association. He was also nominated as one of Pharma Voice’s most inspiring people in 2011.

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Harris Kaplan, Managing Partner

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