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Helping clients maximize product asset values in challenging times.

About Red Team Associates

Red Team Associates provides commercial strategy advisory services to companies looking to increase the value of their products, either in development or already on the market. Whether your company is interested in evaluating new opportunities, attracting investors or licensors, developing a commercial business case to support your valuation, or turning around an underperforming product, we can help you build a realistic strategy and forecast that will withstand the most critical investor’s scrutiny.

Red Team helps you create shareholder value

In the life sciences, outsized financial returns have always been the reward for true innovation. However, as the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the threshold products must cross before being considered innovative is increasingly elusive. Payer and hospital consolidation, physicians becoming employees, and higher insurance premiums and co-payments to consumers collectively create a perfect storm that makes it increasingly difficult for new products to succeed.

Red Team Associates has been a thought leader in understanding how changes taking place in the healthcare environment impact a product’s future commercial potential. And we use this knowledge to help our clients successfully navigate these choppy waters. Kite (now part of Gilead), Vertex, and PLx are just a few of the many clients we’ve worked with who have achieved tremendous financial and commercial success thanks to our support.

When do you need Red Team?

  • When you have a product in development and don’t yet have a commercial team
  • When you need an objective, customer based opinion and a robust forecast
  • When you don’t have experience in the market you’re entering
  • When you need an assessment done quickly and can’t divert internal resources
  • When you’re evaluating a licensing or other strategic opportunity

Our Team

Each of our Managing Directors have 20+ years of experience, gained largely on the client side. Our clients include biotech, pharma, med devices, and diagnostics in the US, EU, and Asia. Having been in your situation, we understand the opportunities and challenges you face, and how you can leverage our knowledge and experience to your best advantage.


Our Capabilities

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